smile-with-journal“Nancy puts everyone at ease with each class goal. How often in life can you be instructed by another, knowing there will be only positive re-enforcement?” 

“Your delight in sharing skills, tricks, ideas was magic and your gift for your craft is exceptional.” 

“Nancy is enthusiastic about being outside around Missoula and capturing what she sees with simple tools. She helped me see and simplify and she is unstinting with her praise and encouragement.”

“I loved the demonstrations followed by the one-on-one instruction throughout the class. I have been encouraged to keep going and experiment! Thanks!!!” 

“I gained confidence to add sketches to my journals.” 

“Nancy is very knowledgeable of her topic. Any class she teaches is an inspiration.”

“I appreciated Nancy’s teaching style — well-suited to the subject area, supportive, and encouraging for new beginners.”

“I loved this class. I learned a lot more than expected. I felt like I came alive in the use of the tools.”

“Nancy was able to work with brand new drawers like me to the pros. She gave us lots of time to get absorbed in our drawings and let us know what we were doing right.”

“This has been a wonderful experience. I am eager to take more classes. I have only just whet my appetite!”

“Nancy has great talent, and she shares this with students. Her handouts are helpful and easy to follow. She’s always encouraging and available to give assistance. She is very fun to be around. This was a great course, and it can carry over into our daily lives.”

Photo: Fran Tucker nature journaling native wildflowers.